Smart Noise vs Toneden

First, we’d like to acknowledge the team at Toneden. They’ve built a great product to help artists and marketers get more fans. If you’re here to understand the difference between Smart Noise and Toneden, or looking for an alternative, you’re in the right place.

Smart Noise ToneDen
$29 to $49
$50 to $100
Unlimited Smart Links
Deep Link w/ Fallback
Lifetime Pre-Saves
Classic Pre-Saves
See feature above
Self-serve FB & IG Growth Campaigns
Facebook Conversion API Integration
Unlimited Ad Spend
✅ On Pro plan; $49/mo
❌ Only on Elite plan; $150+/month
Contest Pages
Agency/Team Plan

💰 Save Up to $612 Per Year

That’s how much you’ll save by choosing Smart Noise’s Pro plan versus ToneDen’s Pro plan. You’ll get everything you need to run your marketing campaigns and build your presence on Spotify without the expensive price tag.

 Wave ToneDen Plan Limits Goodbye

Run unlimited Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns without ad spend caps, landing pages/smart links, and Lifetime pre-saves. 

📈 Build Landing Pages That Convert

All Smart Noise plans come with a sleek, easy-to-use smart link builder and unlimited streaming link pages. Track conversion events at the server-side without relying on Pixels, and watch your conversion rates rise, and your costs per conversion fall.

No credit card required.

What Smart Noise users say

” Before using Smart Noise I was using ToneDen and I was struggling to get things done and get results. Smart Noise has really simplified my music marketing efforts and really helped me get results for all my artists and label clients. “

Anthony Pacheco – Sony Music; simpl

Main Feature #1: Lifetime Pre-Saves

Let Your Fans Pre-Save All Your Future Releases With Just One Click

Tired of pushing Spotify pre-saves for every release? Grow your fanbase passively with next generation pre-saves.

A different approach to Pre-Saves

With Smart Noise, a fan who pre-saves is a fan who is going to pre-save every future release. Get your fans to pre-save once and every new release will be added automatically to their library without you doing anything.

Go From Constantly Promoting To Passively Growing

No more rushed pre-save campaigns every release. Whether you get 10 or 10,000 pre-saves a month, the number of saves on release day will compound over time and your fanbase will grow exponentially on every release.

Notify Your Fans As Soon As Your Next Release Is Out

Smart Noise sends an email to every fan automatically so they can enjoy every release you put out right from day 1, even if they forgot or missed your post on social media about it.

Endless Marketing Possibilities

Make fans automatically follow you on Spotify when they pre-save, capture and export their email address and redirect them to an external thank-you page, all in the same place.

Main Feature #2: Self-Serve Advertising

Use Powerful Ad Campaigns To Grow Your Fanbase

Launch targeted, high performing campaigns with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. Goodbye random ”boosting” posts. Grow streams, listeners, subscribers, and fans.

Streaming & Social Growth

Whether you want to send traffic to your new single, grow your playlist, or get more Spotify followers.. growth is just a few clicks away.

Watch Your Numbers And Fans Grow

Understand where your fans are coming from and discover new growth opportunities thanks to unmatched insights.

Find Your Ideal Fans With A Few Clicks

Say goodbye to hours spent doing audience research. Discover and target your ideal fans using our AI technology.

Get Results Without Wasting Budget

Smart Noise takes care of your ads leveraging automations to turn off underperforming ads, automatically.

Campaigns Designed For Every Goal

Get more listeners. More streams. Grow your playlist. Grow on streaming platforms. The choice is yours!

Smart Noise Is Your All-In-One Toolkit To Grow Your Fanbase

Join hundreds of artists who are actively using Smart Noise to easily get their music and their message out to the world!

Lifetime Pre-Saves

Let your fans pre-save all your future releases in one click

Ad Campaigns

Launch targeted campaigns with no advertising experience

Smart Links

Create pages and links that convert strangers into fans


Get all the data you need to grow your fanbase

And much more..

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Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍