Smart Noise x Radiopushers

“Marketing platform Smart Noise provides innovative and organic music monetization technology resources to independent artists worldwide. ‘Smart Noise’s direct-to-consumer approach enables emerging music artists to increase their following and fan conversion ratio. Creating technology fueled by human growth strategies is the new wave of music digital branding and marketing in 2023.  

RADIOPUSHERS is a human-growth-based digital A&R Development Agency that provides video, phone, and face-to-face artist development resources. Launched in 2016, RADIOPUSHERS delivers a full-scale umbrella of services ranging from distribution via EMPIRE to Public Relations.  

RADIOPUSHERS provides an 18-month blueprint for any artist seeking to create, build, and grow their brand. RADIOPUSHERS maintains corporate relationships with iHeartRadioEMPIREZAPPLAYLOAfresh Clothing, and more. With over 200 Google 5-star ratings and reviews, RADIOPUSHERS is one of the most trusted brands in the entertainment industry.  

By joining forces, RADIOPUSHERS and Smart Noise combined portfolio of services deliver unparalleled artist empowerment and organic growth. Giving artists access to simple and powerful tools to fuel their brand and generate real human fans is a game-changer. Smart Noise technology enables artists to add their Spotify profile/catalog to a person’s Spotify library with two clicks.  

Now everyone an artist meets can have their music automatically saved and emailed to them on every release. RADIOPUSHERS’s platform, combined with Smart Noise’s technology, enables artists to create, distribute, monetize, grow, and market their music brand at the highest level without depending on ‘fake bot software.’ Smart Noise and RADIOPUSHERS are the new-age #DREAMTEAM for indie artist digital development. 

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