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Ditch outdated marketing tactics and sketchy third-party playlists. Embrace a groundbreaking technology that directly connects your music with fans, enabling growth in followers, saves, playlist additions, and algorithmic playlist activations.

Watch how we apply this technology:

The difference between the campaigns I was running before and the campaigns I’m running now with Smart Noise is shocking. I’m getting way more results, we are growing our entire catalog and I’m spending less time managing and worrying about ad campaigns. I love it!
Andreas Ryser
President, Mouthwatering Records

Lifetime* account offer unlocked!

Take Smart Noise for a spin and get access to one of our best features, the Spotify Artist Ad Campaign, forever.

*: You’ll receive lifetime access to a limited version of Smart Noise, inclusive of our “Spotify Artist” ad campaign feature.

A platform designed for streaming growth

Get new fans on autopilot.

Smart Noise is designed to help you convert strangers into music fans eager to discover new music. It helps you get more song saves, streams, it increases your Spotify Popularity Index, it leads to more algorithmic streams and overall, the growth of your fanbase.

Get your music added to fans’ personal playlists, at scale.

Spotify loves when fans stream your music from their library. Your music will be added, but most importantly streamed, from fans’ own playlists and library, boosting your algorithmic streams even further.

Get on more Spotify Algorithmic Playlists.

Song saves, followers and overall higher engagement leads to activating Spotify Algorithmic Playlists.

Get connected with music fans that truly love your music.

Connect your music with music fans that are eager to discover new music, in target with your genre.

How Smart Noise works


1-Click Facebook Login

Start by logging in your Facebook profile to connect all the pages, ad accounts and assets to Smart Noise, in just one click.


Find & Target Similar Artists Using Our AI

Instead of spending hours researching interests you can target, just input similar artists and let our AI find them for you.


Get Fans And Streams Without Wasting Ad Budget

You focus on your music, we take care of your ads. Leverage automations to turn off underperforming ads automatically.


 Watch Your Numbers And Fans Grow

Understand where your fans are coming from and discover new growth opportunities thanks to unmatched insights.

Will this work for you?

After investing millions of dollars in promoting artists and labels, we’ve crafted this to ensure it will work wonders for you too.

1,200,000 streams in the first year

From day one, we’ve been side by side with The Hiz, right from his debut track. Our concentrated efforts on content creation and savvy social media advertising propelled him to some epic milestones. In just his first year as an artist, The Hiz skyrocketed from scratch to over a million streams, surged from zero to a whopping 100,000+ monthly Spotify listeners, and amassed a solid 10,000 followers on Instagram. Quite the ride, right?

From 2k to 28k monthly listeners

We hit the ground running with ‘Your Crush,’ deploying laser-focused social media ads and innovative content creation. Within three months, this dynamic approach elevated their Spotify monthly listeners from a modest 2K to a stunning 28K and cultivated a loyal fan base.

336k album streams

When we teamed up with ‘Of Virtue,’ they had untapped potential and great music. Through precisely targeted social media ads and compelling content creation, we achieved remarkable results. In a span of three months, ‘Of Virtue’ saw a leap to 336K album streams on Spotify, along with a burgeoning, dedicated fan community

400k streams in 60 days

After partnering with Kobenz, the unique goth/rap artist, we unleashed a specialized campaign centered on tailored social media ads and engaging content. The outcome? A meteoric rise to 400K streams on Spotify within just 60 days, and a surge in a passionately loyal fan base.

344k album streams

Upon collaborating with ‘To Kill Achilles,’ a melodic hardcore band from the UK, we put our focus on targeted social media advertising and inventive content creation. The result was nothing short of transformative: the band saw their album streams skyrocket to 344K on Spotify within a mere three months. Moreover, they gained a passionate and committed fan base. ‘To Kill Achilles’ is a rising force in the UK hardcore scene.

477k album streams

After joining forces with Bull Brigade, an Italian punk hardcore band, we concentrated our efforts on data-driven social media ads and dynamic content creation. The impact was immediate and staggering: Bull Brigade achieved an eye-popping 477K album streams on Spotify in just two months. Alongside this, a fervent and lasting fan community has coalesced around them, cementing their status in the punk hardcore landscape.

500k streams

When we teamed up with Shah33d, a promising rap artist, our strategy was laser-focused on tailored social media ads and compelling content creation. The results were remarkable: Shah33d amassed 500K streams on Spotify in a six-month period. Additionally, he saw substantial growth in his fanbase across all social media platforms. Shah33d has not just gained streams but also a committed community of listeners, solidifying his presence in the rap scene.

467k album streams

After partnering with Messa, a female-fronted doom metal band, we implemented a specialized strategy focused on targeted social media ads and captivating content creation. The outcome exceeded expectations: Messa secured a staggering 467K streams for their new album on Spotify in a relatively short time frame. This campaign didn’t just inflate numbers—it also nurtured a devoted community of fans, amplifying Messa’s resonance in the genre.

Everything you are getting:

Lifetime* access to Smart Noise

$497 value

Launch Instagram Conversion Ads with our feature, utilizing proven technology to increase listeners, streams, and fans. No skills required; set up complex ad campaigns swiftly. Tailored technology for Spotify growth through social ads.

*: You’ll receive lifetime access to a limited version of Smart Noise, inclusive of our “Spotify Artist” ad campaign feature.

Bonus #1

Music Marketing Course

$97 value

Streamline your workflow with our concise, no-fluff mini-course. Quickly implement actionable strategies using Smart Noise. Learn organized Business Manager Setup, effective budget allocation for any scale, AI-powered audience research and targeting with a unique 3-step strategy, campaign optimization and troubleshooting, plus create winning ad videos with our templates.

Bonus #2

1-1 Strategy Call

$197 value

It’s totally normal to have questions with all this stuff. Some parts can be tricky, but we’ve got something special to help you out. By joining Smart Noise, you get a free 30-minute call with me personally! Yup, that’s right – a 100% free chat to answer any questions, whether they’re about tech, ads, copy, or even changing strings on a Fender Stratocaster. Whatever you need, we’re here to lend a hand and guide you the right way!

Bonus #3

Video Ad Templates

$297 value

To grab fans’ attention among lots of music advertisers, you need videos that make people stop and look. No worries, we’re here to help! We will give you video ad templates that are known to turn strangers into fans. So, you won’t waste money, and you’ll use ads that have already been tested and are proven to work.

Ready to grow your fanbase?

Spots for this offer are very limited and spots for May are almost gone. Join Smart Noise today!

Here’s what’s included:

*: You’ll receive lifetime access to a limited version of Smart Noise, inclusive of our “Spotify Artist” ad campaign feature.

Value: $1,088

Get it today for just $37

Smart Noise really works, and hundreds of music professionals trust it for their marketing.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The difference between the campaigns I was running before and the campaigns I’m running now with Smart Noise is shocking. I’m getting way more results, we are growing our entire catalog and I’m spending less time managing and worrying about ad campaigns. I love it!
Andreas Ryser
President, Mouthwatering Records
As a music industry consultant and the COO of Organic Music Marketing, I consistently utilize and endorse Smart Noise to artists, their teams, and labels when they seek to enhance conversion rates on DSPs, create lifelong presaves, or efficiently manage campaigns. This exceptional platform has proven to be an invaluable asset, providing unparalleled convenience and effectiveness for anyone who is smart enough to use it.
Sophie Steele
COO, Organic Music Marketing
Marketing services is only one part of our agency offering, and we needed a solution to make running ad campaigns for our clients easier and more effective. Our entire team now uses Smart Noise, we’re saving so many hours every week and we’re getting better results for our clients.
Mark Adams
President, Blinding Talent
We were using another platform to run ad campaigns for our artists, and I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for – Smart Noise has definitely changed that for us. We can also stop worrying about starting from zero on every pre release campaign now.. that’s such a gamechanger!
Matthew Smallwood
President, Flying Colours Music


Most frequent questions and answers

How much does this cost and what's included in the Lifetime account?

Regularly, our plans start at $39 per month ( The Lifetime account offer is a one-time payment of $97 and it will give you access to one of our advertising playbooks (the ''Spotify Artist'') to help you run social media ads designed to grow on Spotify, plus the bonuses listed on this page.

Are there any hidden or extra costs?

Unlike other companies, we offer a lifetime account with limited features, without the need for additional payments or access restrictions. The only extra cost is your advertising budget, starting as low as $5 - $10 per day.

How long is the discount going to be here?

We have no idea. Right now this is a promo we are running and the team is still available to help all the new people that are joining. When we hit the capacity of how many people we can help - we are going to remove the offer.

Why are you giving away Lifetime accounts?

Because we want to help as many artists and music companies as possible to grow. We also know that you are more likely to upgrade to one of our monthly plans with even more features after seeing how well Smart Noise works for your music.

Am I going to get any help?

Absolutely! You'll be able to book a complimentary 1-1 Strategy Call, and our team is ready to help anytime you need. You can reach out using the Contact widget at the bottom right corner inside your Smart Noise account.

I don't have an established fanbase yet. Do I need this?

That's completely up to you! What I recommend though, is getting this offer while it is still available, so when you launch you are ready to grow, you will already have all the resources you'll ever need for it.

What if I don't like it?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product within 30 days of your purchase, simply contact our customer support team, and we will initiate the refund process. Please keep in mind the following terms and conditions for the money back guarantee: 1. The 30-day period begins from the date of your purchase. 2. To request a refund, you must contact our customer support team and provide your order details. 3. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used for the purchase. 4. Any additional services or add-ons purchased separately may not be eligible for a refund. We strive to process all refund requests promptly. However, please allow up to 3 for the refund to be processed and up to 15 days to be reflected in your bank account. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding our money back guarantee, please contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to help.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal…

We’re so confident you’ll love Smart Noise that you can try it out for a whole month.

If you’re not happy with the results you get, just email and we’ll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

So, Smart Noise either proves its value to you by simplifying your music marketing and helps you gain more fans..

Or it costs you nothing.