Lifetime Pre-Saves

Pre-Saves Will Finally make sense.

With Smart Noise, a fan who pre-saves will pre-save every future release, automatically. Get fans to pre-save and every new release will seamlessly be added to their library without any extra work.

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Case Study: Eva Grace

8,000 Lifetime Pre-Saves and 7,000 emails collected in just a few days after a viral TikTok.

Results of the first campaign:

Lifetime Pre-Saves
Emails collected
Streams in 24h
0 %
Email open rate

Results on release day after the second release:

+ 0 %
In track saves
+ 0 %
In algorithmic streams
+ 0 %

(metrics compared to previous releases)

Pre-Save campaigns are a burden.

Pre-release campaigns are a constant challenge. Artists and labels need to spread the word and ask fans to pre-save every time there is a new release.

The need to promote every release is often a burden, and there is a risk of alienating fans by constantly asking them to pre-save.

But there is a new. Better. Faster way.

What if you could focus your efforts on creating great music and marketing campaigns for new releases, rather than spending time and resources on repetitive pre-save campaigns?

Introducing: Smart Noise Lifetime Pre-Saves

Let Your Fans Pre-Save All Your Future Releases With Just One Click

With Smart Noise, a fan who pre-saves is a fan who is going to pre-save every future release. Get your fans to pre-save once and every new release will be added automatically to their library without you doing anything. 

Enjoy Passive Growth

No more rushed pre-save campaigns every release. Whether you get 10 or 10,000 pre-saves a month, the number of saves on release day will compound over time and your fanbase will grow exponentially on every release.

Convert More Listeners To Streams On Release Day

Smart Noise sends an email to every fan automatically so they can enjoy every release you put out right from day 1, even if they forgot or missed your post on social media about it.

Endless Marketing Possibilities

Make fans automatically follow you on Spotify when they pre-save, capture and export their email address and redirect them to an external thank-you page, all in the same place.

Labels & Teams

Explode the growth of your entire roster by putting pre-saves on autopilot, save time and headaches, and effortlessly engage their audience with targeted release notifications.

Solo Artists

Catapult your solo music career to new heights by automating pre-saves, freeing up time and alleviating stress, while seamlessly connecting with your audience through personalized release notifications.

“The difference between the campaigns I was running before and the campaigns I’m running now with Smart Noise is shocking. I’m getting way more results, we are growing our entire catalog and I’m spending less time managing and worrying about ad campaigns. I love it!”

Andreas Ryser – Mouthwatering Records

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