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Welcome To Smart Noise

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Want More Results, Faster?

To be honest with you, we’ve yet to see another music tech or marketing company offering the same value for the price we’re charging for it right now, and you’ll realize it as soon as you log in to your account.

Anyway, there are a few problems now. Some big ones!

Time and experience.

You see, we designed Smart Noise to be a tool for indie artists they can use on their own, and if that’s you, that’s totally fine.

The truth is.. going alone is hard.

Imagine, instead of having nobody to ask questions like:

You could have the opportunity to leverage our years of experience in the music industry and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on campaigns.

Get live support from people who have already been where you are and have been working with indie artists and major label artists for years, managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaigns, and generating millions of fans and streams.

..And get answers to make things work for YOU in half the time.

Without having to pay a premium to hire a full agency! (And this comes from us running an agency!)

So Here Is What We Have Done:

Our team got together, trying to brainstorm ideas on how to give you the best support possible, and increase the chances of you getting results and growing your fanbase faster.


I got my team and me on board with this, lined up for weekly implementation meetings.

You’ll be able to ask us any questions, we’re going to share screens, we’ll take a look and give you feedback on your ads, targeting, social media presence, branding, release strategy..

For 6 entire weeks, we’ll be there for you to:

See, unlike most people out there teaching you something, we are actually DOING what we are teaching, on top of building a tech startup.

We would normally charge hourly for that through our agency, for around $150 per group consultation, which means, on its own, this would normally cost $900.

And instead of charging you that, since you got your hands on Smart Noise today, we want to give you access for just $299, only right now, only on this page.

The reason is only on this page is because we are all about impressing new Smart Noise users with something that can virtually guarantee their success.

So if you decide to pass this right now you won’t be seeing this offer at this price from us in the future.

All you have to do is to click the button below to join Fanbase Accelerator, and me and the team look forward to seeing you inside!

Bonus #1

Editorial Playlisting Blueprint

$250 Value

Our team member Chelsea has been running her record label for the past 10 years, landing dozens of Spotify editorial placements for the artists she signed racking up millions of streams..

And this is something that I had to really convince her to share.

Still, she finally gave up, and she’s going to share with you her blueprint responsible for landing dozens of Spotify editorial placements, and it’s included for you as a free bonus.

But What About Return On Investment?

Glad you asked my friend.

Generating a financial return on investment from music is not easy. But what if we made it a little easier for you?

That’s where our next two amazing bonuses come in.

Bonus #1

Sync Licensing Opportunities Straight To Your Inbox

$234 Value

Have you ever heard about sync licensing?

If you’ve never heard about this 1.3 billion dollar industry, I’m going to make it sound dumb and easy for you: 

A company wants to use your music, for example for their social media or advertising campaigns, but they can’t simply use it without permission, so they pay you a fee to use it.

And that’s why I got in touch with my friend Mark Eckert, founder and owner of a sync licensing company called That Pitch that pays hundreds of artists, thousands of dollars every month and licenses their music to big companies.

If you sign up for Fanbase Accelerator today, instead of their $39 per month subscription, you will get a That Pitch subscription for 6 months for free, saving you $234.

And if you land even just one sync placement in the next 6 months, that would mean not only do you save $234, but since their average deal is around $350 you are actually profiting from this bonus we’re giving you.

Bonus #2

Playlist Monetization Strategy

$600 Value

We will teach you the strategy and process we used for ourselves and for other artists and labels to grow their playlist and make an income curating it.

We will show you:

We will also give you access to a private interview with Gabriele Catoni, an artist we helped grow his playlist, that in just 3 months is making more than $600 a month on Submithub curating a playlist of just 3,500 followers.

To Recap, Here Is What You Get:

And instead of charging you thousand dollars or more for this as we normally would with our agency, because you got your hands on Smart Noise you can get access for just $299, only right now, only on this page.

The reason is only on this page is because we are all about WOWing new customers with something that can virtually guarantee their success…

So if you decide to pass this right now you won’t be seeing this offer at this price from us in the future.

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