A Brand New Platform Artists And Record Labels Are Using To 10x Their Fanbase

Save time and get more results with powerful ad campaigns, explode growth with 1-click Lifetime Pre-Saves, and convert more streams on release day with automated email marketing.

You are in good company

If you’re trying to grow a fanbase, then you know it’s becoming unsustainably harder. Having to start a pre-save campaign from zero for every release is exhausting. Managing social media ads to grow on streaming platforms is confusing and time-consuming, too.

What if growing a fanbase was easier? You’d save hours every week and put your fan acquisition on autopilot. So if you want a bigger fanbase and simplify your music marketing, let’s begin. We’re already doing it for hundreds of artists and music companies like yours. 

Lifetime Pre-Saves

Make Fans Pre-Save All Future Releases With Just One Click

Create a committed and engaged fanbase that is more likely to support your music in the long run.

Pre-Saves now actually make sense.

With Smart Noise, a fan who pre-saves is a fan who is going to pre-save every future release. Get fans to pre-save once and every new release will be added automatically to their library without you doing anything.

Go From Constantly Promoting To Passively Growing

No more rushed pre-save campaigns every release. Whether you get 10 or 10,000 pre-saves a month, the number of saves on release day will compound over time and your fanbase will grow exponentially on every release.

Convert More Streams On Release Day

Smart Noise sends an email to every fan automatically so they can enjoy every release you put out right from day 1, even if they forgot or missed their post on social media about it.

Endless Marketing Possibilities

Make fans automatically follow you on Spotify when they pre-save, capture and export their email address and redirect them to an external thank-you page, all in the same place.

Watch Lifetime Pre-Saves In Action:

“The difference between the campaigns I was running before and the campaigns I’m running now with Smart Noise is shocking. I’m getting way more results, we are growing our entire catalog and I’m spending less time managing and worrying about ad campaigns. I love it!”

Andreas Ryser – Mouthwatering Records


Use Powerful Ad Campaigns To Grow Your Artist's Fanbase

Launch targeted, high performing campaigns with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. Goodbye random ”boosting” posts. Grow streams, listeners, subscribers, and fans.

Streaming & Social Growth

Whether you want to send traffic to a new single, grow a playlist, or get more Spotify followers.. growth is just a few clicks away.

Watch Numbers And Fans Grow

Understand where fans are coming from and discover new growth opportunities thanks to unmatched insights.

Find The Ideal Fans With A Few Clicks

Say goodbye to hours spent doing audience research. Discover and target your ideal fans using our AI technology.

Get Results Without Wasting Budget

Smart Noise takes care of your ads leveraging automations to turn off underperforming ads, automatically.

Campaigns Designed For Every Goal

Get more listeners. More streams. Grow your playlist. Grow on streaming platforms. The choice is yours!

“We were using another platform to run ad campaigns for our artists, and I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for – Smart Noise has definitely changed that for us. We can also stop worrying about starting from zero on every pre release campaign now.. that’s such a gamechanger!”

Matthew Smallwood – Flying Colours Records

Playlist Search Tool

Find Playlist Curators In 1 Click

Discover and connect with independent Spotify playlist curators effortlessly. Find their up-to-date contact information daily.

Find up-to-date curators' contact information

We scan thousands of playlists every day from 50+ different music genres to always give you the most up-to-date information available.

Reach out to curators easily

If Smart Noise finds a playlist with the email or the Instagram profile of the curator, it will show up in the search results so you can reach out to them in just one click.

“Marketing services is only one part of our agency offering, and we needed a solution to make running ad campaigns for our clients easier and more effective. Our entire team now uses Smart Noise, we’re saving so many hours every week and we’re getting better results for our clients.”

Mark Adams – Blinding Talent

Smart Links

Smart Links And Deeplinks To Drive 54% More Fan Conversions

Create responsive landing pages that engage fans, collect data and provide in depth analytics.

  • Facebook™ Pixel Tracking: Track conversions and collect remarketing data for your Facebook, Instagram ad campaigns.
  • Conversion API: Track conversion events at the server-side without relying on Pixels.
  • Self-serve custom domain integration: Integrate your own domain in just a few clicks. No code needed. No tech support needed.
  • Deep links with fallback: Decrease friction by routing fans to a specific app and direct them automatically to the main landing page if the destination app is not installed on their device.

As a music industry consultant and the COO of Organic Music Marketing, I consistently utilize and endorse Smart Noise to artists, their teams, and labels when they seek to enhance conversion rates on DSPs, create lifelong presaves, or efficiently manage campaigns. This exceptional platform has proven to be an invaluable asset, providing unparalleled convenience and effectiveness for anyone who is smart enough to use it.

Sophie Steele – COO, Organic Music Marketing

Break Records, Not Budgets.

For solo artists to record labels with 100+ artists. 14-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

Black Friday Special Price Until Nov 30th.


Ideal for solo artists.

Every feature available. No hidden fees.

$49 $29/month

You will be billed $29 when the 14-day trial period ends. You can cancel anytime before or during the trial via your dashboard.

Best value for
labels and teams


Perfect for companies with 3 to 100+ artists.

Every feature available + 1-1 Onboarding + manage multiple artists.

Starting from just $99 per month

Starting from 5 artists up to 200+ artists connected. 

What’s included? Everything.

No ad spend commission

Custom domains

Friendly & human support

Retargeting Pixels & API

Automated reports

How are Lifetime pre-saves different from normal pre-saves?

Normal pre-saves links let your fans pre-save only one release at a time, and force you to start from zero every time. With Smart Noise pre-saves, your fans will automatically save all your future releases with just one click.

How do Lifetime pre-saves work?

Say you release one track monthly for four months and get 250 pre-saves each. With traditional pre-saves, you would get 250 saves on release day and are forced to start from zero every release. With Smart Noise, by month 4 you would get 1,000 saves on release day and will get 1,000 saves on release day every time you'll release new music.

Is this safe?

100%. The Spotify integration on Smart Noise has been approved by Spotify and it's compliant with all their policies.

Can my fans unsubscribe/opt out from Lifetime Pre-Saves?

Yes, of course.

Is there a limit on how many pre-saves I can get?


Can I download my fans' emails?


Can I run the ads on my ad account?

Yes, all campaigns you launch on Smart Noise will be published directly on your advertising accounts.

What happens to my Lifetime Pre-Saves if I'm no longer a Smart Noise user?

If you cancel your subscription, you won't be able to get new Lifetime Pre-Saves signups and all current Lifetime Pre-Saves will be put on hold, so all releases won't be saved after you've canceled your subscription. Of course, all past saves, followers, or any other past result won't be canceled and you will also be able to download your fans' emails collected through your Lifetime Pre Saves page(s). We know that getting pre-saves is a lot of work for you, and for this reason won't delete your data, even if you cancel your plan. If you decide to return and reactivate your subscription, all pre-saves will still be there and ready to roll out on your next release after you reactivate your account. It's a lot of work for us to keep our infrastructure running efficiently and offer a high level of customer service, on top of the costs associated with it. Your membership fee covers all of that.

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