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Create responsive landing pages that engage fans, collect data, provide in depth analytics, and route fans to their favorite app instead of a broken link.

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Managing Smart Links and Ad Campaigns for 40+ artists every month.

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Create and manage Smart Links for your entire roster

Streamline music promotion, consolidate platforms, customize branding, and gain valuable insights. Empower your artists, maximize reach, and simplify your workflow with our Smart Links.

Never lose fan conversions with Deeplinks

Create Deeplinks that drive listeners directly to the streaming platform’s mobile app.

Track conversions and gather remarketing data

Install remarketing Pixels in your Smart Links, unlocking the full potential of targeted advertising. Maximize conversions, engage audiences, and optimize your marketing efforts.

“Marketing services is only one part of our agency offering, and we needed a solution to make running ad campaigns for our clients easier and more effective. Our entire team now uses Smart Noise, we’re saving so many hours every week and we’re getting better results for our clients.”

Mark Adams – Blinding Talent

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from normal pre-saves?

Normal pre-saves links let your fans pre-save only one release at a time, and force you to start from zero every time. With Smart Noise pre-saves, your fans will automatically save all your future releases with just one click.

Do I really need this?

Say you release one track monthly for four months and get 250 pre-saves each. With traditional pre-saves, you would get 250 saves on release day and are forced to start from zero every release. With Smart Noise, by month 4 you would get 1,000 saves on release day and will get 1,000 saves on release day every time you'll release new music.

Is this safe?

100%. The Spotify integration on Smart Noise has been approved by Spotify and it's compliant with all their policies.

Can my fans unsubscribe/opt out?

Yes, of course.

Is there a limit on how many pre-saves I can get?

There's a limit of 200 pre-saves in the Basic plan, and unlimited in the Pro plan.

What happens if I go over the limit while I'm on the Basic plan?

The service is not going to be interrupted and you will still be able to get pre-saves. Your account will be automatically upgraded to the Pro plan during the following billing cycle.

Can I download my fans' emails?


What happens to my Lifetime Pre Saves if I decide to cancel my Smart Noise subscription?

If you stop paying the monthly or annual fee, you won't be able to get new Lifetime Pre Saves signups and all current Lifetime Pre-Saves will be put on hold, so all releases won't be saved after you've canceled your subscription. Of course, all past saves, followers or any other past result won't be canceled and you will also be able to download your fans' emails collected through your Lifetime Pre Saves page(s). Also, we won't delete your data. If you decide to come back and reactivate your subscription, all pre-saves will still be there and ready to roll out on your next release after you have reactivated your account. It's a lot of work for us to keep our infrastructure running efficiently and offer a high level of customer service, without considering the costs associated with it. Your membership fee covers all of that.

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍