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Launch targeted, high performing campaigns with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. 

Create responsive landing pages that engage fans, collect data and provide in depth analytics.

Goodbye random ”boosting” posts. Grow streams, listeners, subscribers, and fans.

The new platform to explode your fanbase

Giovanni Bottan
Founder of Smart Noise, Noiselash

Struggling to grow streams, fans, and sales?

You’ll want to keep reading.

For the past few years, we’ve run a music marketing agency (not a playlisting company, an actual agency).

We’ve worked on a personal level with more than 280 artists and just in the last 12 months, we spent more than $290,000 to promote their music.

In addition to well-planned marketing and content strategies (and great music, of course), social media ad campaigns have been incredibly effective to grow these artists (more proof and case studies down below). 

But.. it used to be a lot easier than it is now. 

Algorithm changes, iOS updates, longer and more complex setup times.. Ugh.

What happens when marketing starts taking more time and gets more complicated than actually making music?

You’ve less time to spend on your craft, performing, engaging with your fans, and being who you really are: an artist.

This is why I had to find a solution, for my agency and for all the artists who want to start seeing actual results and start treating their music as an actual business.

Guess what I did?

I spent 8 months with a developer to create..

A music marketing platform built for you, the modern musician

What if I told you that we created a platform that allows you to:

Create smart links with advanced analytics that convert strangers into fans like crazy.

Launch targeted high-performing campaigns with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. 

Get unmatched performance insights from social media ad campaigns to convert fans at a lower cost.


Smart Noise

The All-In-One Toolkit To Grow Your Streams, Fans, And Sales

This easy-to-use software lets artists and marketers like you run extremely powerful marketing campaigns – in minutes!

Let me give you a quick comparison:

Before Smart Noise

With Smart Noise

Increase engagement and listener retention.

Grow followers and feed positive data to trigger algorithmic streams.

Get more streams and grow your fanbase with people who genuinely love what you do.

Ready to start growing your fanbase?

Create your own music marketing machine with Smart Noise today.

A Software Created From Human Results

We built Smart Noise from the experience in our agency, Noiselash, after working with hundreds of artists and multiple six figures in ad budget.

streams on a new release

We used Instagram Ads and a strong content strategy to promote Saif’s new song ‘Toxic’.

streams in 50 days on a new release

We used a combination of Facebook and Instagram ads to finally help him reach true fans and activate algorithmic playlists.

streams in the first 2 months (600k total)

More than one year after the campaign is over, his song ‘Carolina’ still receives thousands of daily streams from algorithmic playlists and listeners’ own playlists and library.

daily streams on a new release

Landis was already seeing great traction on Spotify, but with a strong ad strategy, we helped him go from 1.5k to almost 9k daily streams.

Here's How It Works


Grow Your Fanbase With Powerful Ad Campaigns

Launch targeted, high performing campaigns with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. Goodbye random ”boosting” posts. Grow streams, listeners, subscribers, and fans.

  • Zero skills required: You don’t need to spend hours learning ad platforms.
  • The power of an advertising agency, in a few clicks: Set up complex ad campaigns in minutes.
  • Campaigns built specifically for artists: Access to ad campaigns that work for music promotion.
  • Zero confusion about data: Sync ad campaigns to smart links for unmatched data insights.

Use them to grow on:

Drive Conversions With Powerful Smart Links And In-Depth Analytics

Create responsive landing pages that engage fans, collect data and provide in depth analytics.

  • Facebook™ Pixel Tracking: Track conversions and collect remarketing data for your Facebook, Instagram ad campaigns.
  • Conversion API: Track conversion events at the server-side without relying on Pixels.
  • Self-serve custom domain integration: Integrate your own domain in just a few clicks. No code needed. No tech support needed.
  • Deep links with fallback: Decrease friction by routing fans to a specific app and direct them automatically to the main landing page if the destination app is not installed on their device.

Use them to grow on:

Gain Back The Advertising Insights That Matter

Connect your smart links and landing pages with your Facebook™ and Instagram™ conversion ad campaigns to get unmatched performance insights.

  • See exactly where your ad budget is being spent: No more switching back and forth between Ads Manager and Spotify for Artists to analyze results.
  • Break down the performance of your ad campaigns: See the cost per acquisition by country, placement, and more.
  • Decrease advertising cost: More insights from your ad campaigns, less guesswork, more fans, lower costs.

Use them to grow on:

Reach Out To Hundreds Of Targeted Playlist Curators

We scan playlists in real-time to find the ones you can submit your music directly to.

  • Updated 24/7: All playlists are scanned and updated daily to make sure you only get relevant results.
  • Relevant playlist information: Get access to follower count, curator and playlist link, email address or Instagram link.
  • Unlimited searches: Search playlists as frequently as you want and save your favorite ones for future use.

Use them to grow on:


[NEW!] Music Advertising Guide

A comprehensive step-by-step launch guide to help you double your fanbase in the next 60 days with Instagram ads.

You’ll learn:

✓ How to grow massively on streaming and social platforms without hours of manual work every single day

✓ How one Instagram ad campaign got an artist 360,000 streams in just a few months (and a very little known strategy)

✓ How we effectively grow followers and streams with every artist we work with

Start your Free Trial today to get your copy.

Ready to start growing your fanbase?

Create your own music marketing machine with Smart Noise today.

Case Study:

Bridget Rian, Nashville

+295% in monthly listeners


Video Creative Templates

Get access to premade video templates that are proven to convert you can use on your campaigns

The ad creative is a key aspect of your ad campaigns.

You need to run videos that stop people from scrolling if you want to compete with the other thousands of advertisers like you that want to capture people’s attention.

But don’t worry, we got you covered.

We prepared a library of video templates you can edit and use on your own campaigns that are proven to convert.

This way, instead of spending money on things that don’t work, you are going to launch campaigns knowing the creatives you are going to use have been already battle-tested with $290,000 in advertising spend.

Let Smart Noise help you grow your fanbase for 30 days risk-free.

You are protected by a "no-nonsense" guarantee.

If you decide to get one of our plans of Smart Noise after your 7-day free trial, you’ll have 30 days to put it to use and help you grow.

In the unlikely event it doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll just refund your full purchase amount – no questions asked. 

It’s as simple and straightforward as that. 

And, even better, you can still keep access to the Ad Templates and launch guide. 

So, Smart Noise either proves its value to you by simplifying your music marketing and help you gain more fans..

Or it costs you nothing.

Smart Noise pays for itself multiple times over.

Because it will save you time and it grows your fanbase with technology built by music marketers, for music artists and marketers.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Here’s the thing: we want to work with a selected number of music artists and marketers and shape Smart Noise with their help.

Like you, I create music while also working with dozens of artists every month, and I know that music marketing is hard. 

There is just so much to do, so many moving parts.

It’s hard and thus most artists’ marketing defaults to a few social media posts, one simple ‘’post boost’’ and maybe a few – hard to find – emails to playlist curators, which we know is far from optimal. 

Smart Noise is a marketing platform specifically built for you, the modern music artist. 

It’s the future we envision, where you can focus not on your tools, but on spending more time to create music and connect with your fans, by creating smart links that connect directly with pre-made advertising campaigns built specifically for the music industry, that provide you in-depth data and increase fans, streams and grow your sales.

By signing up today and showing us you believe in our mission, you will give us the opportunity to keep building and improving an amazing product, and provide huge value to the music industry and to artists like you.

..And as long as you stay subscribed if you choose one of our paid plans, you’ll never be charged more when we’ll raise the prices! How cool is that?



What is Smart Noise?

On Smart Noise you can create smart links and deep-links with advanced analytics, get unmatched performance insights from social media conversion ad campaigns, reach out to targeted playlist curators, and launch laser-targeted ad campaigns in just a few clicks, all in one place.

What self-serve ad campaigns are available?

At the moment one self-serve campaign is available: Instagram Ads for Spotify Growth.

What if I don’t like the product?

No worries. We’re going to refund your order if you let us know within 30 days and you can keep the bonuses.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. If you are not finding value in our product (but please tell us why so we can improve it), you can easily cancel your subscription directly from your dashboard.

Smart Noise is 100% safe to use.

You’ll never compromise your Facebook ad account.

Approved by Facebook

Our software was approved to use Facebook’s API, so it’s 100% compliant with their policies.

Encrypted storage

Account access tokens are saved using AES-GCM encryption, for maximum security.

Within the next 48 hours you could already start seeing more streams, followers and fans.

Create your links, launch your campaign, and see results fast.

Would you like to launch laser-targeted ad campaigns that attract new fans every day?

While at the same time cutting back the time spent on complicated tools?

And do you want to see results fast?

Well.. If you decide to test drive Smart Noise, you’ll have instant access to a music marketing toolkit you can use to grow your fanbase, streams, and sales.

Within the next 60 minutes, you could be launching a Spotify Growth Ad Campaign, and start seeing results within a day from now.

Ready to start growing your fanbase?

Create your own music marketing machine with Smart Noise today.

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍