Your Next Releases Are About To Get Wild

Use our one-of-a-kind technology to get more algorithmic streams from Day 1, increase your chances of landing editorial playlists and grow a real, engaged fanbase (even if you don’t have a big audience or huge marketing budgets.)

Think Beyond Playlists.

Here’s what most artists do when promoting their music:

The problem is, most of us indie music artists don’t have major label budgets to hire a ten-person marketing team or years of experience to run complex ad campaigns on our own.

And, up until now there were only 2 options:

So what if you could:

..Even if you don’t have a big audience or a huge budget?

We run a music marketing agency and are music artists ourselves. We know it.

But we also knew there had to be a better way for all music artists, not matter how small or big, or the budget they have.

And, after hundreds of hours of experimenting.. A hefty chunk of development costs.. And extracting knowledge from working with more than 400 artists and spending $850,000 on music ads.. That’s exactly what we made here at Smart Noise.

Introducing: Smart Noise Lifetime Pre-Saves

A new way to grow your listeners, streams, and ultimately, a real fanbase.

Let Your Fans Pre-Save All Your Future Releases With Just One Click

With Smart Noise, a fan who pre-saves is a fan who is going to pre-save every future release. Get your fans to pre-save once and every new release will be added automatically to their library without you doing anything. 

Enjoy Passive Growth

No more rushed pre-save campaigns every release. Whether you get 10 or 10,000 pre-saves a month, the number of saves on release day will compound over time and your fanbase will grow exponentially on every release.

Notify Your Fans As Soon As Your Next Release Is Out

Smart Noise sends an email to every fan automatically so they can enjoy every release you put out right from day 1, even if they forgot or missed your post on social media about it.

Endless Marketing Possibilities

Make fans automatically follow you on Spotify when they pre-save, capture and export their email address and redirect them to an external thank-you page, all in the same place.

Plus get 3 exclusive bonuses when you sign up for your account now:

Bonus #1

1-1 Onboarding Call

$147 Value

When you join Smart Noise today, I’ll include a 30-minute Onboarding call on the house. 

That’s right. 100% gratis – A 30-minute 1-1 call with me personally, to ask any questions, get all the answers you need. 

Tech-related. Ads related. Spotify related. If you’re not sure how to change strings of your new guitar (yeah I can help with that too). 

Whatever you need help with, I’ll make sure to give you a hand and point you in the right direction.

– Gio, Founder @ Smart Noise & Noiselash

Bonus #2

Free 1-Month Upgrade

(Self-Serve Ad Campaigns)

$49 Value

Your account will be immediately upgraded to the Pro Plan for a whole month for free, so you can also try our self-serve ad campaigns.

You will launch targeted high-performing campaigns even with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to randomly ”boosting” posts. Grow streams, listeners, subscribers, and fans.

✓  Zero skills required: You don’t need to spend hours learning ad platforms.

✓  The power of an advertising agency, in a few clicks: Set up complex ad campaigns in minutes.

✓  Campaigns built specifically for artists: Access to ad campaigns that work for music promotion.

✓  Create responsive landing pages that engage fans, collect data and provide in-depth analytics.

✓  Video tutorials and resources to answer ANY questions you might have along the way.

✓  Campaigns that work for all genres of music and any marketing budget.

Bonus #3

Music Ad Secrets eBook

$37 Value

With this eBook, you’ll learn:

✓ How to grow massively on streaming and social platforms without hours of manual work every single day

✓ How one Instagram ad campaign got an artist 360,000 streams in just a few months (and a very little known strategy)

✓ How we effectively grow followers and streams with every artist we work with in our agency

Join Over 1,000 Artists Enjoying Smart Noise

“Smart Noise has been so great to work with for my band Of Virtue! We wouldn’t be where we’re at without their knowledge and experience and we can’t thank them enough for the hard work they put into their clients! You will not be disappointed for hiring them to help push whatever it is you’re trying to market!”

Tyler Ennis – Of Virtue

“Smart Noise really is built to make your lives easier with social media advertising! I always found the Facebook Business Manager difficult to navigate if you don’t really understand what you’re doing so this is saving me a ton of hassle and time!”

Amelle Rose – Singer/Songwriter

“We’ve used Smart Noise for our latest releases and it’s worth every penny spent. It gives you all the tools you need to build an effective campaign on your own! It’s just a brilliant service. Especially if you’re a new artist and working with a limited budget. I can’t recommend it enough!

James Bazen – Truth & Tragedy

“This platform makes it easy to identify your target audience, which is one of the biggest struggles for emerging artists attempting to find their place in the busy world of music. So grateful to be working with them!”

Jack Dawkins – Artist

“Giovanni and the Smart Noise team think on their feet and for a manager who works with developing artists, that’s a wonderful trait. They helped increase Spotify followers, monthly listeners, and really helped push new fans to one of my artists’ social media during a single campaign – if you’re trying to break your band through the mold look no further than Smart Noise!”

Oliver Kamyszew – FM Music Management

” Before using Smart Noise I was using ToneDen and I was struggling to get things done and get results. Smart Noise has really simplified my music marketing efforts and really helped me get results for all my artists and label clients. “

Anthony Pacheco – Sony Music; simpl

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Spotify pre-saves?

Spotify pre-saves allow users to add an upcoming release to their Spotify library before it becomes available to the general public. Pre-saving a track or album helps to increase its visibility and popularity on the platform. To pre-save a track or album on Spotify, a user must first click on the "Pre-Save" button on a landing page that is usually provided by the artist or record label. This button is usually found on the artist's social media accounts, website, or email newsletter. When the user clicks the button, they are taken to a page where they can log in to their Spotify account and pre-save the release. Once the release becomes available, it will automatically be added to the user's library. Pre-saving is a useful tool for artists and labels to build anticipation and buzz around an upcoming release, as well as to ensure that their new music is easily accessible to their fans on Spotify when it becomes available.

How is this different from normal pre-saves?

Normal pre-saves links let your fans pre-save only one release at a time, and force you to start from zero every time. With Smart Noise pre-saves, your fans will automatically save all your future releases with just one click.

Do I really need this?

Say you release one track monthly for four months and get 250 pre-saves each. With traditional pre-saves, you would get 250 saves on release day and are forced to start from zero every release. With Smart Noise, by month 4 you would get 1,000 saves on release day and will get 1,000 saves on release day every time you'll release new music.

Is this safe?

100%. The Spotify integration on Smart Noise has been approved by Spotify and it's compliant with all their policies.

Can my fans unsubscribe/opt out?

Yes, of course.

Is there a limit on how many pre-saves I can get?

There's a limit of 200 pre-saves in the Basic plan, and unlimited in the Pro plan.

What happens if I go over the limit while I'm on the Basic plan?

The service is not going to be interrupted and you will still be able to get pre-saves. Your account will be automatically upgraded to the Pro plan during the following billing cycle.

Can I download my fans' emails?


We believe Lifetime Pre-Saves will change the way you grow your fanbase — for good

We’ve personally worked with more than 400 artists, from indie artists to major-label artists.

We’re not talking about having sold quick products or ”faceless” services.

Years in the trenches, managing millions of dollars in marketing campaigns and helping artists gain hundreds of thousands of real fans.

The best part?

We made a ton of mistakes. Blood, sweat and tears trying to figure out music marketing and how artists can really get their careers to the next level.

Smart Noise is born after years of hard work to give YOU the tools to do it the simple way.

Smart Noise Lifetime Pre-Saves is a game-changer. We really believe it.

So why not get your hands on them today before we change our mind and take down this offer?

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍