Growing A Fanbase Is Hard. So We Made It Easy.

Save time and get more results with powerful ad campaigns, explode growth with 1-click Lifetime Pre-Saves, and convert more streams on release day with automated email marketing.

Loved by 100s of artists and labels.

Starting a pre-save campaign from zero for every release is exhausting. Managing social media ads to grow on streaming platforms is confusing and time-consuming, too. Not to mention, growing your mailing list and selling tickets to shows. What if growing a fanbase was easier?

You’d save hours every week and put your fan acquisition on autopilot. So if you want a bigger fanbase and simplify your music marketing, let’s begin!

Lifetime Pre-Saves

Put your release schedule on autopilot.

Let your fans pre-save all your future releases with just one click. Create a committed and engaged fanbase that is more likely to support your music in the long run.

Lifetime Pre-Saves

Get your fans to pre-save all your future releases, automatically.

Fan Notifications

Automated emails on release day that notify your fans about your new drop.

1-Click Spotify Login

Bypass the Spotify login process and get more conversions, instantly.

Data Capture

Grow your fan list with every new pre-save.

Fan Data Capture

Track Saves


Lifetime Pre-Saves

Users' Playlist Adds

Fan Notifications

Music Discovery Funnels

One page to grow your entire catalog.

Get track saves, followers, streams, Lifetime Pre-Saves and collect each fans’ email, even for multiple artists at once, with just one page.

Grow Your Entire Catalog

Grow and increase the value of your entire catalog, effortlessly.

Get A Higher ROI

Get up to 10x more results without spending more, and simplify your marketing approach.


Powerful ad campaigns designed for the music industry.

Launch targeted, high-performing campaigns with no advertising experience, in just a few clicks. Goodbye, random ”boosting” posts. Grow streams, listeners, subscribers, and fans.

Reach Your Target Fan

Say goodbye to hours spent doing audience research. Discover and target your ideal fans using our AI technology.

Leverage Automation

Smart Noise takes care of your ads leveraging automations to turn off underperforming ads, automatically.

Streamline Workflows

Run campaigns for all your artists from just one place. No more juggling different tools.

Ready-To-Use Playbooks

Promote a new track, a playlist, sell tickets, and more. Growth is just a few clicks away.


Beautifully designed, high-converting smart links.

Create responsive landing pages that engage fans, collect data and provide in depth analytics.

Real-Time Reporting

No update time. Get your metrics reported in real-time.

Pixel & API Tracking Integration

Track conversions and collect remarketing data for your Facebook, Instagram ad campaigns.

Fully Whitelabel

Fully brand your smart links with your own logo and website url.

Cookie-Less Data Tracking.

Track 100% of views and clicks, fully GDPR compliant.

AI Ad Creatives


Generate ad creatives in just a few clicks. AI-powered.

Generate high-performing video ad creatives in just a few clicks.

1-Click Video Creation

Generate high-performing music ad creatives in one click.

Engaging Captions

Generate captions based on your audience and music style.


Find playlist curators in one click.

Discover and connect with independent Spotify playlist curators effortlessly. Find their up-to-date contact information daily.

up-to-date curators' contact information

We scan thousands of playlists every day from 50+ different music genres to always give you the most up-to-date information available.

Reach out to curators easily

If Smart Noise finds a playlist with the email or the Instagram profile of the curator, it will show up in the search results so you can reach out to them in just one click.

As a music industry consultant and the CEO of Kopius Media, I consistently utilize and endorse Smart Noise to artists, their teams, and labels when they seek to enhance conversion rates on DSPs, create lifelong presaves, or efficiently manage campaigns. This exceptional platform has proven to be an invaluable asset, providing unparalleled convenience and effectiveness for anyone who is smart enough to use it.

Sophie Steele
CEO, Kopius Media

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Save time and get more results with powerful ad campaigns, explode growth with 1-click Lifetime Pre-Saves, and convert more streams on release day with automated email marketing.

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Loved by 100s of artists and labels.

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍