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And the coolest part? You’ll get to know who your biggest fans are.

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857 Smart Noise pages generated 1000
Spotify track saves for:

Explode your fanbase in 3 steps:

Pre-Save Page

Setup your Lifetime Pre-Save page in just 3 clicks.

Create your page with just a few clicks. No ISRC or UPC code needed from your distributor.

Get your fans to pre-save once and every new release will be saved automatically.

Growth Explosion Multiply Fan conversions.

When using a Lifetime Pre-Save page, you’ll not only be guaranteed to have track saves and algorithmic activation for all your future releases, but you can also:

  1. Grow your followers
  2. Grow your email list
  3. Send automated email notifications to your fans on release day
  4. Get more data about your fans

Growth Explosion

Compound results to explode the growth of all your future releases.

The more Lifetime Pre-Saves you get, the bigger the results for every future release, the bigger your fanbase will be, the bigger the impact your music will have on streaming platforms.

Designed to put your release schedule on autopilot

Lifetime Pre-Saves

Get your fans to pre-save once and every new release will be saved automatically.

Email Marketing

Smart Noise emails your fans automatically on your behalf so they actually stream your music when it comes out.

Fan Insights

Build your database of Fans, learn where they are from, see who the most engaged Fans are, and turn them from Fans into SuperFans.

Will you be the next success story?

8,000 Spotify saves on release day

After going viral on TikTok, Eva Grace took advantage of the buzz and got 8,000 fans to sign up for Lifetime Pre-Saves with Smart Noise.

Now, these 8,000 fans (and the number is still growing) will always know when she releases new music thanks to Smart Noise’s automated email marketing feature, they’ll have her songs saved automatically every time she puts out new music, giving her a big boost on release days.

Let your fans pre-save all your future releases, with just one click.

With Smart Noise, a fan who pre-saves is a fan who is going to pre-save every future release. Get your fans to pre-save once and every new release will be added automatically to their library without you doing anything. 

Enjoy passive growth.

No more rushed pre-save campaigns every release. Whether you get 10 or 10,000 pre-saves a month, the number of saves on release day will compound over time and your fanbase will grow exponentially on every release.

Get more streams when music drops.

Smart Noise sends an email to every fan automatically so they can enjoy every release you put out right from day 1, even if they forgot or missed your post on social media about it.

Supercharge your release schedule.

Make fans automatically follow you on Spotify when they pre-save, capture and export their email address and redirect them to an external thank-you page, all in the same place.

Get more insights on who your real fans are.

Get valuable insights on your fanbase so you can make smarter marketing decisions.

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Loved by 100s of artists and labels.

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100% Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.

No limit on pre-saves, emails, links or fans.

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