Advertising App For The Music Industry

10x your fanbase with one simple tool

Smart Noise makes running high-impact ad campaigns effortless.

Launch targeted, high-performing ads in just a few clicks. Automate optimizations and reach your ideal fans without the hassle of manual adjustments.

Say goodbye to the complexity of Meta Ads Manager and hello to effortless ad success.

Become a music marketing powerhouse without the struggle.

The Old Way 👎
  • Temporary Boosts: Streams spike during campaigns but drop afterward.
  • Sketchy Playlists: Rely on unreliable playlist curators.
  • Manual Effort: Spend hours trying to manage ad campaigns.
  • No Retention: Fans disappear as soon as the campaign ends.
  • Unpredictable Results: Lack control over fan growth.
The New Way ✨
  • Long-Lasting Growth: Achieve sustained fanbase growth.
  • Spotify Algorithm Boosts: Activate Radio, Discover Weekly, and more.
  • Effortless Ads: Launch high-impact ad campaigns with just a few clicks.
  • Loyal Fans: Build a fanbase that sticks with you for the long term.
  • Controlled Growth: Take charge of your music’s success with targeted campaigns.
Still boosting posts?

Ads Manager Is Not Designed For The Music Industry.

Meta Ads Manager 👎

  • Complex Setup: Requires extensive knowledge to set up and optimize campaigns.
  • Time-Consuming: Spend hours on audience research, ad creation, and performance monitoring.
  • Manual Adjustments: Constantly tweak and adjust ads to ensure they perform well.
  • Limited Music Industry Focus: Not tailored specifically for the unique needs of musicians and labels.

Smart Noise ✨

  • Easy Campaign Setup: Launch targeted, high-performing campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • Automated Optimization: Smart Noise handles ad optimizations, turning off underperforming ads automatically.
  • AI-Powered Targeting: Discover and reach your ideal fans without the hassle of manual research.
  • Music Industry Expertise: Designed specifically for musicians and labels, ensuring maximum impact and growth.

🎸 For Artists Seeking Real, Long-Lasting Fans

Sick of temporary boosts from sketchy playlist services or having to post daily on social media?

Get long-lasting fan growth while activating Spotify algorithms like Radio and Discover Weekly, reach fans who stick around, and take control of your growth.

🎤 For Record Labels Aiming to Streamline Work and Save Time

Overwhelmed by managing multiple ad campaigns?

Say goodbye to the complexity and slowness of Meta Ads Manager.

Save time, streamline your work, and get real results for your artists without the hassle.

📈 For Artist Managers Seeking Sustainable Growth

Work long-term with artists and earn more as they grow.

Save on ad agency costs by managing artist growth yourself.

Connect your Facebook profile, choose your target audience, and launch campaigns in minutes. Get quick, effective results that last.

The Power of Smart Noise Ad Campaigns

Spotify Artist Growth

Effortlessly promote specific releases, driving streams and engagement.

Instagram Growth

Grow your Instagram audience effortlessly with targeted ad campaigns.

Lifetime Pre-Saves

Build lifetime pre-saves on autopilot, ensuring future releases are pre-saved by fans.

Spotify Playlist Growth

Grow your Instagram audience effortlessly with targeted ad campaigns.

Ticket Sales

Sell tickets for your events with targeted ad campaigns, maximizing attendance.

Discovery Funnels

Liked songs are saved to the fan’s library, artists are followed, and Lifetime Pre-Saves are activated automatically.

500+ Industry Pros Use Smart Noise

"For me discovering Smart Noise allowed me to take ads into my own hands without any ad buying experience. I quickly got better results than agencies I’d been hiring which has allowed me to focus on wider marketing strategies thanks to having clear oversight on the impact of our activations."
Peter Jarrett
Sweat Entertainment

How it works

1-Click Meta Login

Start by logging in your Facebook profile to connect all your pages, ad accounts and assets to Smart Noise, in just one click.

Find & Target Similar Artists Using Our AI

Instead of spending hours researching interests you can target, just input similar artists and let our AI find them for you.

Get Fans And Streams Without Wasting Ad Budget

You focus on your music, we take care of your ads. Leverage automations to turn off underperforming ads automatically.

Watch Your Numbers And Fans Grow

Understand where your fans are coming from and discover new growth opportunities thanks to unmatched insights.


Smart Noise Playbooks

Get access to comprehensive step-by-step strategies designed to maximize your marketing efforts and grow your fanbase efficiently.

Our playbooks provide actionable insights and clear guidance, removing the guesswork from your campaigns.

High-Converting Ad Creative Templates

Create high-converting ad creatives for your campaigns with ease. Our downloadable ad creative templates remove the guesswork, allowing you to produce compelling ads that attract and retain fans.

We Designed Smart Noise To Be Your Ultimate Fanbase Growth Tool.

To create Smart Noise’s advertising feature, we studied how the most successful artists achieve sustained fan growth and engagement.

Top artists don’t just rely on temporary boosts from playlists. 

They build long-term strategies that activate Spotify algorithms, create loyal fanbases, and drive consistent engagement. 

They meticulously plan their ad campaigns, target the right audience, and optimize every step for maximum impact.

This level of planning and execution usually requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise. Or, it means hiring expensive ad agencies to manage it for you.

So, Smart Noise was designed to be your ultimate growth tool. It helps you implement proven marketing strategies and achieve long-lasting results.

The platform handles all the complex, tedious tasks of ad campaign management. It simplifies campaign setup, targets the right audience, and provides real-time analytics to optimize performance. 

It ensures your ads reach fans who are likely to stick around and engage with your music.

Smart Noise is so powerful, it took over 18 months of intensive development and testing to perfect it. 

It’s like having a personal marketing team at your fingertips — for a fraction of the cost.

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Loved by 100s of artists and labels.

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Loved by 100s of artists and labels.

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍

Let’s get you started, it’s free  👍